FrostSmart® Monitoring

Giving you all the information about your FrostBoss® Frost Fans, at your fingertips.

FrostSmart® Monitoring


Our FrostSmart® Monitoring tool makes it easy to see the things that matter, all in real time, and can change the way you use your fans.

  • Check your frost fan is armed and ready before a frost
  • See how your fan is running during a frost
  • Turn on alarms & notifications
  • Get insights on tower and canopy temperatures, battery status, wind speed & more
  • See each fan and its data on a google map
  • Find out how many hours your fan has been running for
  • Download the data into a spreadsheet
Screenshots of FrostSmart Monitoring tool displayed on a laptop, tablet and mobile phone
A screenshot of an example report from the FrostSmart monitoring app. Chart showing temperature changes for a crop

Frostsmart® Monitoring

Example Report

See at a glance the tower probe temperature, canopy temperature and running for an individual machine.

A graphic showing the transmission of information between FrostBoss fans and the FrostSmart mobile monitoring app via a cellular network

FrostBoss® Frost Fans

Built-in Hardware

Newly-installed FrostBoss® fans come equipped with the hardware technology to access the FrostSmart® mobile monitoring app. Simply subscribe, we’ll set you up and you’re away.

Master Your Frost Protection with FrostSmart® Monitoring

Download the flyer and discover the next level of control and efficiency with FrostSmart® Monitoring – real-time data and actionable insights all at your fingertips.

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Your FrostBoss® Frost Fan is already equipped with the hardware it needs and we can have you up and running quickly.

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FrostSmart® Monitoring

Additional Features

Add-on Sensors

Additional monitoring like other remote canopy temperature sensors, weather stations and soil moisture monitors can easily be added to the Gateway via a dual input.

Alarms & Notifications

Alarms such as run signals and canopy temperature can be configured by the user and sent to multiple contacts - by text message, phone call or email.

At the start of the season, simply activate the alarms for each site via the Alarm Settings page. Once activated, the alarms will display on the main page against each triggered sensor.

Activate notifications for your important alarms, and then log in to the app to monitor the situation in real-time.

Personalise your fans

Some growers like to be able to differentiate the fans quickly, or give their frost fans a quirky personality. Try adding a name to each fan in the app so you can tell them apart, and put a label on the fan itself to tell which is which out in the field.

No manual logs needed

You might need to keep a record of how your frost fan is running to comply with local Council consents, or you might want to look back on past frost events or see how many hours you’ve saved on helicopters, irrigation and lighting candles.

FrostSmart® allows you see and download the data at any time, like how often the fan has turned on and for how long, and what the crop temperature readings were when the fan was running.

A photo of the control panel on the FrostSmart Monitoring hardware attached to FrostBoss fans

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Our fans have built-in FrostSmart® Monitoring to let you see what's going on. Start with a FREE trial then sign up to our ongoing subscription.

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