Keep your frost fan running, with a regular service.

Maintaining your frost fan annually avoids a breakdown when you need it most.


Why service your frost fan?

Like your car, your frost fan needs to be maintained for optimal performance. Lack of use is the major cause of failure in frost fans, and they should be run and checked well before they’re needed to protect your crops.

We recommend frost fans are serviced every year to help avoid costly breakdowns when frost seasons hit. If it’s coming up time, or your fans are overdue, book them in with us for their regular maintenance.


What we offer.

  • Annual Routine Servicing -
    preventative maintenance of all frost fans.
  • Emergency Repair Service through our support network.
  • Largest Range of frost fan spares, for all brands of machines.
  • Complete Relocation Service whether it is on the same property or from one site to another.
  • Pre-Season Check
  • Tower & Gearbox Service


What's Included

Includes inspection, operation and safety checks of engine, tower and fan blades.

  • Qualified frost fan technicians undertake the service.
  • Custom-built bucket trucks used for service.
  • Inspection and change of oils, filters and coolants on engine as required.
  • Inspection and/or oil change of top and bottom gearboxes.
  • Inspection of all engine fittings, connections, filters and operation.
  • Check of engine rpm and controller function including ice slurry probe check.
  • Inspection of fan assembly, blades and driveline.

Have any questions?

We'd love to chat. Drop us a note, or find one of our distributors near you.

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