In the business of frost fans since 1995.

Proudly built in New Zealand, available worldwide.


Frost fans are all we do.

We've been manufacturing frost fans in New Zealand since the 1990's, with a significant research and development programme focusing on improving the efficiency and reliability of the FrostBoss® fans and FrostSmart® monitoring app. We're proud of our reputation, built on honesty, integrity and hard work, and gain immense satisfaction knowing when the sun sets and the air cools, you'll sleep well knowing your crop is protected.


The business started out as an importer of wind machines from the United States, then in 1999, we began designing and building our own frost fans. In 2007, we acquired the previous company, changed our name to New Zealand Frost Fans, and continued to develop and refine the FrostBoss® Frost Fan you see today.


We were the first company to develop & manufacture multi-blade frost fans which produced less noise and had greater fuel efficiency, without compromising on coverage. This saw the FrostBoss® 4-blade C49 become the best-selling frost fan in Australia & New Zealand.

Our People

From our home to yours.

From our base in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, we provide innovative frost protection to help growers right around the world stop frost damage.

We have a modern purpose-built facility where we make the fan blades, fabricate the towers to house the fans, and build the machine ready to ship it right to your orchard or vineyard.

Our team love what they do, and get great joy in seeing our fans help save crops that go on to become a renowned vintage or top earning export. Our clients receive undivided attention to detail in all aspects of the journey – from consultation and installation to all forms of ongoing support and monitoring, including relocation of your fans if required.

OUR Technology

The science behind the technology.

We've been building, researching and refining our frost fans to create solutions that are quiet, efficient, capable and look stunning against the backdrop of your landscape. Our research and development team are constantly striving to deliver better performing fans.

We're regularly in the field testing wind thrust, different propeller designs and materials, temperatures, how fast the blades turn and the area they can blow wind over to make sure you're getting the best value for your investment.

Our why has driven us
for over two decades.

1. Supporting Growers

We're passionate about supporting growers to get the most out of their crops, to free up time and resources for the things that matter.

2. Stopping The Impact

It can take a long time to recover when a bad frost hits and the impact can ripple right throughout the supply chain. Like you, we don't want to see years of your hard work go to waste.

3. Growing Together

With  FrostBoss® at your side, we'll help your crops continue to grow and flourish, and protect your hard won shelf space.

Have any questions?

We'd love to chat. Drop us a note, or find one of our distributors near you.