Upgrade your current frost fan to a better FrostBoss® blade & more.


Convert most brands to an efficient frost fan.

Whether your aim is to save fuel, become noise compliant, run efficiently, or improve your coverage area – we have an upgrade package for all major brands of frost fans.


FrostBoss® Blades

  • upgrade alloy blades to composite blades for greater efficiency and lifespan.
  • 2 blade to C49 composite blades (4-blade conversion) to maximise the potential of your frost fan.
  • 2 blade upgrade to C39 compositeblades (3-blade conversion). This is available when existing gearbox ratios won’t allow an upgrade to C49 composite blades.


Solar Power Addition

  • Increase battery life

Remote Monitoring

  • Includes text alarms and web page display of data

Complete Machine Relocation

  • Move your current Frost Fan to a new location.

Clutch Upgrade

  • from manual plate clutch to centrifugal clutch.
  • from 8” centrifugal to 10”

Engine Upgrades

  • petrol or LPG powered V8 to diesel powered engine

Controller Upgrade

  • Modern single switch controller
  • Anemometer package
  • Wireless temperature probes

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